Lone Scoot Lone Scoot 17 January 2015

Log 10 January 16 2015

I wish to state that my fiction writing skills is like a perfectly sculpted sphere of non-newtonian fluid compared to my non-fiction writing - bot are good, but very good under many circumstances. My allegories are terrible, however.

So today I started up the star system documentation. Still have NO idea about when I'll get new users. I mean heck, I've done no advertising. At least I have some channels to go through. Maybe I'll beg and mooch. I've done it before, only I was giving out free emotional highs instead of receiving it.

Also, the imported template needs work in design. I can't fix it because I have no idea how to use the templates beyond basic functions. For now I'll have no infobox on pages until somebody writes up a decent guide …

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Lone Scoot Lone Scoot 16 January 2015

Log 9 January 15 2015

Dear diary: Today I realised how hard it is to maintain a wiki when you are the only content contributor on the wiki. Although there are other people to allevate the burdern, they still lack direction when it comes to writing stuff.

Today I didn't do much because I had to alternate between working on the wiki and working on work. I did get the docs directory started, though that's a WIP. Also got Darkid to import an infobox template. More documentation to do, then!

To do:

  • Create star system guide
  • Implement infobox
  • Create article templates

Who knows when this will be done? I want to sleep and have fun all at once. I should try dreaming or waking up early.

Special thanks to Deus Ex: Human Revolution for taking up most of my time. I am now sufficien…

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Lone Scoot Lone Scoot 15 January 2015

Log 8 January 14 2015

Not really necessary to make a full log. All my ideas were expressed earlier.

Need more users to be able to run this project into full swing. Writing all by myself is hard work, and I don't want to do it alone. I hope that I can get some interested users to join up.

Also need to fix all those red links later on. It's like I have to work on so many different areas and write so many different articles just to get a decent foundation to stand this project on. Christ, I need a workforce...

What I did today was complete the Team Fortress Wiki article, as well as cleaning up the main page. Doesn't seem like much, but I needed a dancing bear.

To do:

  • Create navigation guides
  • Fix red links
  • More definitons!

I need to get this off the ground so I can start h…

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Lone Scoot Lone Scoot 14 January 2015

Log 7 January 13 2015

Today was a slow day. Too busy playing video games that I liked. Oh well.

Today I added to the TF2 article on my sandbox. Very pleased with the result. Will add onto it tomorrow perhaps in the morning or so.


  • Finish that article
  • See what goes from there


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Lone Scoot Lone Scoot 13 January 2015

Log 6 January 12 2015

New computer is too sick for me to spend all my time on text files. Too bad for my productivity. Hah. At least my writing style hasn't gotten worse over 24 hours.

Today I updated the categories page for definitions to be more useful. I also finished the docs guide to formatting.

Currently making TF2 article. I'm digging the prose on this one. It's my first crack at a games article so I hope I don't mess it up.

I was breifly considering whether or not a star system is truly necessary, but after looking at my prose I've determined that it is very useful.

To do:

  • Update TF2 article

And that's it for pretty much tomorrow until I discover something more to do.

Now instead of working until midnight, I'll play games until midnight. It's a dual life I liv…

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Lone Scoot Lone Scoot 10 January 2015

Log 5 January 9 2015

It's the weekend and I'm still pulling mid-nighters for the sake of work. It doesn't help matters that I spent a half-hour out of my chair and the rest of that time looking at Wikipedia policies (thanks Darkid).

I can almost feel the day coming where I create the first game article. I have no idea how to organise the thing (thank God for sandboxes), but when I have a few more definitions I'll be more inclined to organise them in some meaningful way. It's definitely TF2 at this point. It's a perfect fit.

That means I should attract contributors from the TF2 wiki to take a look at it. Talk with the admins, advertise the IRC... I mean not annoyingly, just for whoever wants to come and take a look at it.

My goal for the Wiki is to become a big de…

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Lone Scoot Lone Scoot 9 January 2015

Log 4 January 8 2015

Normally if I'm tired I would go to bed. Though, I've never felt so attached to a concept before in my life. It is a necessary sacrifice to lose a few hours of sleep to gain a few hours of work. Normally I'd nix the idea of work over personality, but now I feel like the sacrifice is worthy.

In four days I've done a lot more than I would have expected - me having expected nothing in particular. If you want to see an example, just look at the Wiki as it is now and imagine it having nothing but a main page and one definition 5 4 days ago. Sure, it's still small, but the amount of writing I've done is close to 1000 words a day not including dev logs, and that's just me as the sole contributor (you other folks will get your credits, worry not).


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Lone Scoot Lone Scoot 8 January 2015

Log 3 January 7 2015

I'm feeling tired. I don't know how long this will be.

Today I did a few things, spotty as my memory is during all of the reading of Wikipedia about actions per minute and other useful technical terms about games I don't play. In general, my short-term memory is garbage. Talk to me about my long-term memory.

In the morning I definitely fixed all of the star templates on the Wiki by renaming them to be lowercase letters, though I need to write a style guide to justify why I did that. At least it's future-proofing. Also added in the rest of the MT star templates. I still need to make subcategories for each definition template, under the subcategory of star template. At least I'm not worried by labyrinths.

Also added in a category for star templ…

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Lone Scoot Lone Scoot 7 January 2015

Log 2 January 6 2015

It's 9:45. I guess I learned my lesson from the last binge. I also hate showering so late, because it feels like I should be staying awake after an experience like that.

I did the microtransaction page today, as well as the grinding star templates. I need to fix those to redirect to their sections properly. Also need to finish the MT star templates. Copy and pasting is boring work.

Also changed the theme to a lighter shade of green to look better in high-brightness. Will design a logo and a favicon once I have the wiki hammered in tight. I like the idea of using stars as branding, like the bottle cap for Nukapedia. Problem is stars are generic. Fortune says that nobody uses Unicode stars. I may need to do something with colour branding.

Wiki …

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Lone Scoot Lone Scoot 6 January 2015

Log 1 January 5 2015

My personality won't exactly shine through on these logs.

Today I created the main page and the first template: a 5star template used for grinding sections. Spent an hour learning about templates from Wikipedia. Spent three hours learning how to use parameters. The first lesson was the most useful thing I learned, while the second lesson was one of the most dramatic failures I've known. If somebody wants to tell me how to hide a segment through parameters, please do so.

What I wanted to do was to condense all the Template:# Star Grinding into one massive template for ease of use. But because I'm a scrub who can't handle parameters, I'm stuck with spamming templates all over the wiki. Not eloquent, but practical and reliable.

To do include sta…

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