Reflexes, used interchangeably on this wiki with "reaction time" for condensation (though not the scientific definition; sorry nerds), is how fast a user will react to a video game and make an appropriate action. A player with fast reflexes is considered to be skilled, seeing as they have the ability to quickly react to situations in time that others wouldn't be able to.

Reflexes are important in almost all real-time genres of games, as having too low of a reaction speed means that playing the game becomes difficult. From platformers to shooters to fighting games, keen reflexes are vital in almost everything you play. Because of this, it is a universal definition.

Rationale Edit

With some exception, video games generally expect you to have a decent enough reaction time to be able to overcome whatever they want to challenge you with. So if you're playing a platforming game and you have a half-second to attack an enemy, then the game expects you to have learned to react to such situations by the time you come across them. If you have a slow reaction time, then you're expected to keep practicing.

Most of the time, it's your muscle memory that takes over when you're playing a video game. It occurs when you've practiced for so long that your muscles automatically know what to do in the situation without any conscious thought. Professional gamers are notorious for this, and their examples are in the extremes.

Star ratings Edit

1 star Edit


The game does not rely on many reflexes at all to succeed. These are games that are very slow paced, or are turn-based such as in RPGs. You can have terrible reaction time and still succeed.

Use {{Reflex stars|1}} on game pages.

2 stars Edit


The game requires basic reaction speeds from the player. These games are not very fast-paced, and when they are they still aren't as much as other games.

Use {{Reflex stars|2}} on game pages.

3 stars Edit


The game uses decent reaction speeds for its gameplay - nothing that an average player can't foresee. Most people are able to adapt to this tier.

Use {{Reflex stars|3}} on game pages.

4 stars Edit


The game requires fast reaction speeds in order to succeed, though not exceedingly fast. Gamers with above-average reaction times will handle this tier without issue.

Use {{Reflex stars|4}} on game pages.

5 stars Edit


The game requires extremely fast, spur-of-the-moment reflexes to succeed. The player will have to react to situations immediately and appropriately, much faster than the enemy expects.

Use {{Reflex stars|5}} on game pages.

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