Game Difficulty Wiki

Docs are the wiki's help pages, and is where users go to learn and re-learn all of the information they need to become a better editor/person.

Do note that it is not necessary to read each and every little help guide on this page. Much like playing a game, you can learn from many other editors just by watching them edit.

This page is a work in progress. Go bug Scoot if you want it done faster.

Required reading[]

You're going to have to know these principals to edit the Wiki effectively. These are probably the most bruntful of all of the pages.

  • Docs:Introduction. This page teaches about the core ideas of the Wiki at a glance to assist new users.
  • Docs:Definitions teaches about the use and implementation of definitions - which is important, due to them being what the wiki is based around.

Refresher pages[]

These pages deal with content already discussed on many other wikis, and so is not needed if you have prior wiki experience.

More to be added.