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Defining what makes games difficult, using understandable systems.

Note: Due to other issues, the admin is temporarily AWOL.

What it's about

The Game Difficulty Wiki is about helping gamers, designers, and developers gain new insight into games that they both play and admire.

The Wiki uses simple and humourous prose, a concise star system, and the most information packed into the least amount of pages since extremely small pencils were invented.

Anybody who's registered can edit, create articles about games they like, and help out other users. Don't worry about your performance - any mistakes you do will be quickly washed away.

To get started, look over the help guide at Docs:Directory to learn about everything you need to know about the wiki. It's a small investment, but one that will bring great yields later.

Remember - this wiki is a work in progress! You can help to make it less so!

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  • Lone Scoot (Scoot/Samuel). Founder, administrator, writer jockey.
  • Darkid (Jbzdarkid). Template guru, advice jockey