I wish to state that my fiction writing skills is like a perfectly sculpted sphere of non-newtonian fluid compared to my non-fiction writing - bot are good, but very good under many circumstances. My allegories are terrible, however.

So today I started up the star system documentation. Still have NO idea about when I'll get new users. I mean heck, I've done no advertising. At least I have some channels to go through. Maybe I'll beg and mooch. I've done it before, only I was giving out free emotional highs instead of receiving it.

Also, the imported template needs work in design. I can't fix it because I have no idea how to use the templates beyond basic functions. For now I'll have no infobox on pages until somebody writes up a decent guide on how to style it (because it can't be me, I'll tell you that).

To do:

  • Still working on that star guide
  • Create the article template AFTER that

Also now I get to stay up until whenevr because it's the weekend. I used to watch The Boondocks at this time. I should do that again. Sure is better than watching the documentaries that Big Pharma does NOT want me to see under any circumstances.

Hell, I write a lot better when I give out good praise. I should do that all the time.

-- Scoot

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