My personality won't exactly shine through on these logs.

Today I created the main page and the first template: a 5star template used for grinding sections. Spent an hour learning about templates from Wikipedia. Spent three hours learning how to use parameters. The first lesson was the most useful thing I learned, while the second lesson was one of the most dramatic failures I've known. If somebody wants to tell me how to hide a segment through parameters, please do so.

What I wanted to do was to condense all the Template:# Star Grinding into one massive template for ease of use. But because I'm a scrub who can't handle parameters, I'm stuck with spamming templates all over the wiki. Not eloquent, but practical and reliable.

To do include stars without definitions, the rest of the grinding stars, the rest of the grinding page, and more of the definitions so I can get this site done by February.

Anyway, way past my normal sleeping patterns and I've gotten the backbone of this site in order. I'm seeing a lot of potential in this. I just hope I don't lose interest overnight.


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