It's 9:45. I guess I learned my lesson from the last binge. I also hate showering so late, because it feels like I should be staying awake after an experience like that.

I did the microtransaction page today, as well as the grinding star templates. I need to fix those to redirect to their sections properly. Also need to finish the MT star templates. Copy and pasting is boring work.

Also changed the theme to a lighter shade of green to look better in high-brightness. Will design a logo and a favicon once I have the wiki hammered in tight. I like the idea of using stars as branding, like the bottle cap for Nukapedia. Problem is stars are generic. Fortune says that nobody uses Unicode stars. I may need to do something with colour branding.

Wiki has potential. Problem being I don't want it to be a sludge of policies like Wikipedia where you have to read pages upon pages of text to understand the thing. I want to create a guideline against sludge somewhere in the wiki. That's for later. At least I'm following my own advice right now. Keep the definitions simple, and the articles informative.

I have to wonder what the limit on definitions will be. I can't help but wonder just how many tropes I'll create during my endeavours to define difficulty. There could be potentially dozens of different metrics, and it's taking me each day to write out a single one. I really don't want the Wiki to be complex to the point where nobody can understand it, and I'm already taking steps with my star templates to stop that. Make everything intuitive, and the crowds will be happy to do your work.

I guess I'll cross the complicated bridge when I get to it. It isn't even complicated.

I have a ton of ideas written down, none of which matter at this point. Will discuss more later.

When do I want to start making game articles? I need at least six. Six good definitions. Maybe more. I don't even know when I'll stop making the things. I have six additional ones written down, so eight? Eight actually seems like a really decent number right now.

I think that's enough exposition for today. I have more to talk about, but if I dump it all in one file it'll leave out content for later. After all, these dev logs are just for prosterity.

To do: MT Star templates Define APM Fix Grinding star templates navigation Don't want to do anything until I have more definitions/templates

-- Scoot

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