I'm feeling tired. I don't know how long this will be.

Today I did a few things, spotty as my memory is during all of the reading of Wikipedia about actions per minute and other useful technical terms about games I don't play. In general, my short-term memory is garbage. Talk to me about my long-term memory.

In the morning I definitely fixed all of the star templates on the Wiki by renaming them to be lowercase letters, though I need to write a style guide to justify why I did that. At least it's future-proofing. Also added in the rest of the MT star templates. I still need to make subcategories for each definition template, under the subcategory of star template. At least I'm not worried by labyrinths.

Also added in a category for star templates. That will be very useful for not only my use, but for the use of anybody who may find it useful.

I removed protection from most of the pages. It would be a massive hassle to protect/unprotect each one individually, so I just hope that some inconsiderate person doesn't amok in the Wiki overnight.

Then after all that I spent my time playing video games to understand what parameters were decent for my APM definition. I decided to cap it at 300 after my friend told me that OSU can hit 400 - and I assure you he is in the highest tier of OSU players. Even DOTA 2 only got 160. I expected more out of my right-clicks.

I then spent the rest of my day writing the Definition:APM article. I feel like it'll be too long compared to the style I want to do for the Wiki (irony does not exist in dev logs), but the information is important for users to know (hopefully). I could have gotten the article finished if I hadn't elected to eat soup and ironically watch Seinfeld, but I can't live off of the warm smile of Jerry alone.

I also met up with Darkid from the TF2 Wiki who suggested he was interested in joining the Wiki. What would the man do anyway? Be a code jockey like he's done for every other project of his? That just isn't fair. Also, I'm afraid that if I let users edit the Wiki before I'm done with it, it'll create some serious problems for me to deal with. I'll propose solutions later, but right now I really don't want people editing the Wiki until I have the rock-solid foundation in place. That might take a week.


  • Finish APM article + templates
  • Talk with Darkid
  • Create Definitions Header Page (portal or not? probably not, keep it simple)
  • Create Style Guide

My existence is composed entirely of writing articles from scratch in Notepad++. So much for good sleep.

-- Scoot

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