Normally if I'm tired I would go to bed. Though, I've never felt so attached to a concept before in my life. It is a necessary sacrifice to lose a few hours of sleep to gain a few hours of work. Normally I'd nix the idea of work over personality, but now I feel like the sacrifice is worthy.

In four days I've done a lot more than I would have expected - me having expected nothing in particular. If you want to see an example, just look at the Wiki as it is now and imagine it having nothing but a main page and one definition 5 4 days ago. Sure, it's still small, but the amount of writing I've done is close to 1000 words a day not including dev logs, and that's just me as the sole contributor (you other folks will get your credits, worry not).

So what I did today is a lot of things. I implemented Darkid's template onto every definition, and it's become standard. I deleted the old templates, and that was a monotonous task. At least Darkid's saving me a good deal of labour.

I also finished up the APM page, which is a work I'm proud of. It'll seem more fulfilling once I get some games up.

Most of the work I did was on menial things like renaming pages to fit conventions I haven't even written out yet (and won't for at least a day). Also deleting, moving, etc. Today was a maintenance day, I gather. Probably will be like this my whole career.

I learned that Wikia is very picky with whatever the hay its bots/automated systems do. It's partly the reason why I have no Help: section, and instead replaced it with a Docs: section. Time for a heck of a lot of redirects on that gambit.

It seems so petty when I put it into sentences, though the contributions I made today were actually significant. I guess I just can't appreciate it staring at the empty glass of a just-poured can of discount cola.

My good friend suggested that she could help out with graphic design stuff. She's a great artist, and I can definitely see her helping me with logos and icons for templates. Though it's so early into the Wiki's development that I can barely think about what it's going to look like at the end. Actually - I figure it'll look pretty much the ruddy same. You know, mostly text, using a lot of lists and headers, using categories and directories to get around. If I haven't gotten any complaints yet, it works.

Still haven't gotten any negative feedback yet. I don't know if that means that I'm 100% in the ballpark, or I just haven't screwed something up.

To do:

  • New definition
  • Create guide for crediting contributions
  • Fix the CSS for UL's
  • Anything else I figure tomorrow


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