It's the weekend and I'm still pulling mid-nighters for the sake of work. It doesn't help matters that I spent a half-hour out of my chair and the rest of that time looking at Wikipedia policies (thanks Darkid).

I can almost feel the day coming where I create the first game article. I have no idea how to organise the thing (thank God for sandboxes), but when I have a few more definitions I'll be more inclined to organise them in some meaningful way. It's definitely TF2 at this point. It's a perfect fit.

That means I should attract contributors from the TF2 wiki to take a look at it. Talk with the admins, advertise the IRC... I mean not annoyingly, just for whoever wants to come and take a look at it.

My goal for the Wiki is to become a big deal to every wiki whose games have been covered by this one. I'll have to do a lot of "networking" for that to happen - but I'm very good at being friendly.

So what I did today was complete the Definition:Research page, added in the Definition:Reflexes page (complete with templates), updated the CSS for the wiki (we're all Lucida now), fix some of the templates for housekeeping, and did some basic stuff like editing. It was a productive day.

Darkid did a very important development in the Template department by introducing the nocat=yes parameter, which means that there won't be unecessary categories on pages that don't need them. He also imported the Template:tlx from Wikipedia, so now I don't have to use nowiki tags to parse templates. Very useful features.

I don't like sleeping in, but I think I'll make an exception by waking up at 8:00. Still not done yet.


  • Make definition for leniency/forgiveness/whatever
  • Create test page for TF2
  • Use TF2 example to make base example for all game pages (hopefully)

Later I'll create a style guide to cover all the bases. That's REALLY been bugging me.

-- Scoot

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